Definition Of Nursing Theory

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1. My Definition of Theory
My definition of theory is what will result if I decide to take a certain course of action. I usually base my theories on my knowledge and past experiences. Some people use theory purposefully every day and others do not know they are using it at all. I believe the purpose of theory is a way for people to find new ways to approach situations and obtain answers to particular questions. Overall I would say theory can be used as a guide by people to reach conclusions.

1.2 Purpose of Theory

How does your definition of theory compare to the literature?
In the American Journal of Nursing Ellis states theory as “a coherent hypothesis, or set of hypotheses, or a concept, forming a general
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Discuss the relationship between philosophy and nursing theory. Please cite your references.
The relationship between philosophy and nursing theory is substantial. McEwen & Willis (2007) say that “philosophy tries to discover knowledge and truth and attempts to identify what is valuable and important” (p. 6-7). They also say that theory is “a set of interpretive assumptions, principles, or propositions that help explain or guide” (McEwen & Wills, 2007, p.521).
The relationship between philosophy and nursing theory can be seen here my discussion board answers. The nursing theory I discussed earlier about nurses finding out the meaning of a patient’s behavior and learning what they need will provide the care the patient wants and desires. Some would say by doing that your increasing patient satisfaction. That theory relates to my nursing philosophy of providing patient-centered care and to use everything I have learned provide the best care I can offer. My nursing philosophy shows what’s valuable and important and to obtain that we can use the nursing theory propositions to help guide us to that
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I agree with her in that nursing is more than just a job or form of income. It is an opportunity to make a difference in peoples lives and save them. Therefore, I knew that is what I wanted to get out of the career that I chose. The role of nursing exceeds just an education. It is a combination of multiple factors that lead to the best outcome for the patients. A nurse has to be very knowledgeable about the human body and be able to critically think through situations that differ from patient to patient. Furthermore, prioritizing and time management is key. Lastly, I think a nurse has to be able to communicate and work well with others to fulfill holistic care for a patient. Nursing is a passion of mine and I love what I do. There are times when I have been overworked, had horrible days, and wanted to quit, but I always try and take a step back and remember why I do nursing. My philosophy of nursing is to provide patient-centered care and to use everything I have learned to provide the best care I can

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