Relationship Between Philosophy And Faith Essay

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There are many connections that I found between philosophy and faith throughout this semester, but there is one specific one that really hit me in a spot that I have struggled with. The little group of passages I chose to write on is from Xenophanes B15 and it states; “If horses had hands, or oxen or lions, or if they could draw with their hands and produce works as men do, then horses would draw figures of gods like horses, and oxen like oxen, and each would render the bodies to be the same frame that each of them have.” In my understanding, this passage is telling us that we assume our God is the same form that we are. So if we are man, most of us would say God takes on the same complexion of man. Same idea if you’re a female, oxen or horse etc. The next quote only reiterates my hypothesis; “Ethiopians say that their gods are snub-nosed and dark, Thracians, that theirs are grey-eyed and red-haired.” The same idea arouses from this quote, that God has the same complexion and features as what you posses. Too me, I feel like Xenophanes is hitting on an extremely debatable topic throughout Christianity and even a topic many heads of the church struggle to answer. How do we know what God looks like? Does he even look like something we can wrap our minds around? Is he even a plausible “thing” for us to be able to see, or is God just there? For myself personally, I like to think of God as an older and wise man, with a long beard sitting on a golden throne up in heaven. I don’t…

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