Relationship Between Person Supervisor Fit And Job Satisfaction

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What is the relationship between person – supervisor fit and job satisfaction?

Testing with mediating variable organisational commitment & moderating variable perceived organisational support.
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On the basis of the reciprocity norm, POS should create a felt obligation to care about the organization's welfare (Eisenberger et al, 2001). The obligation to exchange caring for caring (Foa & Foa, 1980) should enhance employees' affective commitment to the personified organization. POS should also increase affective commitment by fulfilling such socio-emotional needs as affiliation and emotional support (Armeli et al., 1998; Eisenberger et al., 1986). Such need fulfilment produces a strong sense of belonging to the organization, involving the incorporation of employees' membership and role status into their social identity. POS should thus contribute to employees' sense of purpose and meaning. Additionally, Shore and Tetrick (1991) suggested that POS might reduce feelings of entrapment (i.e., continuance commitment) that occur when employees are forced to stay with an organization because of the high costs of leaving. This construct is measured by 24 questions in the …show more content…
To acquire scores for perceived organizational support eight items were used. Six of the questions were normally scored: “My organization cares about my opinions”, “My organization really cares about my well-being”, “My organization strongly considers my goals and values”, “Help is available from my organization when I have a problem”, “My organization would forgive an honest mistake on my part”, and “My organization is willing to help me if I need a special favor”. And two items were reversed scored: “If given the opportunity, my organization would take advantage of me”, and “My organization shows very little concern for me”. Respondents scored the questions on a 5 point Likert scale varying from 1 = strongly disagree to 5 = strongly agree. The internal consistency for this scale was α =

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