Relationship Between Origins Of Language And The Modern Human Behavior

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Language plays an instrumental role when it comes to human communication as it ensures the accomplishment of numerous activities. Notably, language makes sure that a consensus is reached whenever people communicate as the information being relayed is comprehended in an easy manner. If language did not exist life would be cumbersome as an agreement would not be realized and this would be disastrous (Formigari, 2004). Apparently, the ultimate origin of human language has not yet been decided as a consensus does not exist. Despite this trait, researchers have come up with creative strategies that come in handy while making this distinction. It is the case because they have been able to draw inferences about the emergence of human language and this has been through archaeological evidence and fossil records among others (Phipps, 2011).
Moreover, studies pertaining language acquisition and diversity have come in handy in this undertaking as they have led to the provision of the relevant information. Research, therefore, indicates that there is a relationship between origins of language and the modern human behaviors. It is the case because there are numerous changes in this domain. Additionally, several approaches and hypothesis have been devised so that the history of language can be comprehended (Formigari, 2004). Since language is very complex, many theories suggest it must have evolved from early pre-linguistic systems among pre-humans. The root of these theories are the…

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