Relationship Between Nick's Relationship In The Great Gatsby

Everyone makes friends differently, everyone looks for different kinds of friends, and everyone feels the need to have friends. The Great Gatsby follows the main character, Nick Carraway. Nick is a young man fresh out of college looking to make a name for himself. He is exposed to the life of the rich through his distant relative Daisy, who is married to Tom Buchanan. Nick’s neighbor Jay Gatsby is known for throwing extravagant parties to try and capture Daisy’s attention and win her over. The story follows Nick as he makes connections and builds relationships. The characterization and the interaction of the characters are very dynamic and is all seen through the main character Nick Carraway. Nick and Gatsby build a very powerful relationship …show more content…
Even though Nick begins to change and build his own life, he appears to always allow room for Gatsby. Both men long for companionship, and they always seem to leave room for each other because they provide each other support and companionship. Even though Gatsby is rich he does not need to try and impress Nick to keep him as his friend, because we know Nick values honesty, and if there are not many honest people in the world he goes for the closest alternative which happens to be Gatsby. Gatsby 's loneliness is shown at his party where “no one swooned backward on Gatsby, and no French bob touched Gatsby’s shoulder, and no singing quartets were formed with Gatsby 's head for one link.” (50). Even at his own party Gatsby isn’t included. He must feel pretty lonely at his own party. Throughout the book, Nick fills Gatsby’s need for companionship and support, and Gatsby shows the same for Nick. Gatsby pursues his love for Daisy throughout the book, and Nick is there to support him. But eventually Daisy no longer wants to have a relationship with Gatsby and, as a result, Gatsby has a breakdown. Nick shows his support for Gatsby by not leaving him in a difficult time (153). Nick deciding not to go to work to stay with Gatsby shows Nick’s dedication for Gatsby. Their relationship must be immense if even after Gatsby’s death does Nick feel a need to provide companionship for Gatsby. In Nick’s frantic sorrow he “wanted to get somebody for him.” and says, “‘I’ll get somebody for you Gatsby. Don’t worry. Just trust me’” (164). Nick and Gatsby have developed a strong relationship, and it is proven by Nick’s need to get someone else for Gatsby besides himself. The strongest relationship in this novel is Nick and Gatsby because it escalates from simple hellos to going out to lunch together, sharing their concerns, sharing details of their past and love life, to finally looking providing support and comfort

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