Relationship Between My Friend And Friend Essay

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I have many acquaintances in my life. In fact, this type of relationship makes up the majority of the relationships that I encounter every day. While I have some Good friends that have helped me along the way I only have one best friend (that is not family) that I turn to in a time of need. By looking at each of these relationships we will discover how and why I need each of these friendships. On such example of an acquaintance is my boss, Dave. While we have many things in common such as personality traits, common interests, and optimistic outlook on life, I cannot consider him to be a friend because I need to be careful about sharing some details about my life. We often talk about hunting and fishing and our kids even though they have a fairly large age gap between them. However, I know that he is a fairly religious guy, therefore, I typically avoid talking drinking and party’s because it makes him uncomfortable. Another acquaintance that I have is with my co-worker Scott. Likewise, with my relationship with my boss, Scott and I have many things in common. We often talk sports and how we feel that our business is being run. Sometimes we talk about parties and drinking but that is usually dumbed down enough to show we had a great time and why we may be hungover but, never the crazy stuff. We often play golf and he even invited me to play on his softball team for a few years now. While I enjoy his company, I do not consider him to be a good friend. For both of…

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