Relationship Between Master 's Of Social Work Students Essay

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A study was conducted to determine the relationship between master’s of social work students and the reluctance to identify as feminists (Charter, 2015, p. 72). Researchers hoped to identify the number of students who do self-identify as feminists, as well as understand how self-identification can be impacted by the perception of feminism. Researchers hypothesized that more than half of the students would not identify as feminists, but those that did most likely have a better perception and knowledge of feminism (Charter, 2015, p. 78). Researchers also believed that when given a definition of feminism, the number of students identifying as feminists would reach a majority. The study consisted of a sample of 116 master’s of social work students, all of which volunteered for the study after receiving a recruitment email, seeing a flyer, viewing an announcement in the campus newspaper, or hearing about it from a faculty member. The recruitment advertisements utilized the phrase “women’s issues” when informing students what the study was about (Charter, 2015, p. 79). Students filled out an anonymous survey which asked them to what extent they identified as a feminist. The answer choices consisted of 7 statements, in which students were expected to choose the one which best pertains to them, individually (Charter, 2015, p. 80). They also answered questions regarding their previous educational exposure to feminism, in the form of a “yes,” “no” or “I don’t know.” In…

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