Essay Relationship Between Management And Labor

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Labor relations is the study of managing unionized employment issues. It focuses on the relationship between management and labor, and its importance to an organization. Labor relations deal with such issues as collective bargaining and maintenance agreement deals. Its objective is to ensure that efficiency, equity and voice are achieved for all concerned, therefore, by implementing labor laws and joining a labor union to protect the rights of management and labor, is imperative to achieving a cohesive work environment. (Labor, 2015) Labor unions consist of a group of workers who join together to influence the outcome of their employment. In regards to the employee, there are many benefits to joining a union. Once in the union, union representatives will fight for what’s in the best interest of the union members, in such issues as “improved wages and benefits, or protection against arbitrary treatment and discharge, or a greater voice in workplace decision making.” (Labor, 2010) These issues are what is known as equity and voice. It also promotes fairness and equality in the workplace, and protect employees form barriers, issues such as being discriminated against based solely on one’s gender, and unbiased decision making. Equity is the standard of treatment an employee has a right to expect, and ensures that one is treated with sensitivity and respect.
Voice pertains to a standard of employee participation, in which employees have a say in their work environment…

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