Relationship Between Love And Love Essay

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Introduction A relationship is a communion between individuals who share experiences, interests, emotions, and passion. Relationships begin with butterflies, small gestures of interest in one another and may continue to healthy romantic love. Healthy romantic love contains biological roots related to neurotransmission, evolutionary basis focused on procreation, cognitive and social learning aspects including attachment development and cultural features which often portray many depictions of romance and family creation. Specific to romantic love neurotransmission focused on maintaining a partner despite obstacles, ultimately leading to greater survival of the partner and family unity. The term love passion describes a universal and necessary state for human beings of connecting towards others and thus a commanding craving and motivation (Reynaud, Karilia, Blecha, & Benyamina, 2010). Love passion is interchangeable with the concept of romantic love. Romantic love gives the appeal of sweet warmth, happily ever after, and security and safety. However, what happens when the passion, motivation and craving for a love object begins to change dynamics of relationships or individuals. Sex and love addiction is one out of eighteen titles that describes an addiction where love passion, or sexualized behaviors become more excessive and compulsive through. Sex and love addiction comprises love passion, love addiction, and sex addiction. Each of these concepts differs from one…

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