Relationship Between Love And Love Essay

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Types of relationships in love The authenticity of our relationship in love can make a world a difference in the quality of love we give, gain, and share. In considering that idea as a general truth, we must turn inward and weigh the length of our own relationship. But, how are we to know what kind of love we are in or we are fighting for? In fact, they are a lot of kinds of relationships in love; pleasure is merely mine to elaborate on three of them, such as Honest, Stressed, and Fake in relationships.

The honest relationship in love assumes the whole trust, truth, fidelity, willing to communicate, and to forgive. It is also characterized by closeness, connectedness, romantic attachment, sexual attraction and desire, and strong emotional bonds. Two people just “get each other”, are best friends, have adopted the “us” against the “me”, and have committed to stay together. Ricky and Carla are enjoying an honest relationship. They are trying to maintain the values as beforehand defined by working hard to stay consistently friendly, getting away from deceit, and keeping or promoting perfect exchange or communication. They are spending enough time together planning on everything, making mutual decisions with respect, and avoiding unnecessary disagreements that could conduct on hassle. Each of them has only love for each other, and they are very supportive. They are getting reciprocally ready to forgive when mistakes are made. This not to…

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