Relationship Between Love And Desire Essay

1420 Words May 4th, 2016 null Page
Love is one of these things that can grow deeper in time, where instead of the lust it’s a now emotional pull. “Many couples experience their relationship like dance in which great sex brings them close, but then this very closeness can make sex difficult again.” (“Mating in Captivity,” 2006, p.28) In chapter 2 Perel describes that love and desire are two different ideas completely. While we typically seem to think they are one in the same, they clash most of the time. Love can be nurturing, protection, and comfortability. Whereas desire is more selfish. Perel spoke throughout the chapter talking about how often it is these aspects of love that can kill the desire. One thing that has helped me tremendously throughout all of my relationships is the ability to self-soothe. When people are able to solve the majority of their problems within themselves, their personal relationships will flourish. People need personal space, and that includes intimacy, desire, emotionally. My husband and I have different lives most of the time, I am in school full time, and he is running a business. We come together at the end of the day, and enjoy our family. Yet throughout the day I have my own life, one that’s not about him, and it’s through this time I find my own happiness. I noticed once I found my own personal desires, ours together became stronger. I can only speak for myself, but I truly believe feeding your individual spirit will ultimately strengthen your bond. “Love enjoys…

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