Relationship Between Limited English Proficiency And Cervical Cancer Screening

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In the Journal of Women’s Health Care, in the article The relationship between limited English proficiency and cervical cancer screening in Hispanic women the author discuss how Hispanic women with Limited English proficiency (LEP) and their belief of fatalism had a higher rate mortality of cervical cancer than Non-Hispanic women. According to DeNisco, &Baker, discovered racial disparities among professional nursing, and stated that there is a shortage of Hispanic entering nursing school only 12 % because there were other alternative job opportunities, and not enough mentors to encourage them to stay in the profession (DeNisco, &Baker, 2013, pg.499). In the Census of 2000, it found that the Hispanic population had exceeded the African and white population, and is now the most prevalent minority group in the United States (DeNisco, &Baker, 2013, pg.482). Cultural competency is an important concept for nursing profession to move toward the next developmental phase because it reduces disparities in health care system by increasing patient satisfactory, and allow the health care team to properly care for the patient
(DeNisco, &Baker, 2013). According to DeNisco,&Baker states that Culture is the catalyst in which nurses can comprehend and maintain patient care and improve patients outcome (DeNisco, &Baker, 2013). The groundwork of nursing care is base on working together and communication with the patient even if the patient is not English speaking (Robert, 2009). In this essay…

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