Relationship Between Leadership And Organizational Culture Essay

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Relationship between Leadership and Organizational Culture

PSD Bremerton’s organizational culture prior to CWO3 Arcaria assuming the position as OIC was one best identified as “Authority – Compliance”. Production was all important, therefore the development the worker was of little or no consequence. The office was divided into multiple factions and each faction found ways to place blame and scorn on their opposite number. Long term employees had no regard for short term employees. Military Pay Division employees derided Military Personnel Division employees. There was only a desire for production but no teamwork.

Upon CWO3 Arcaria’s arrival, he began implementing his plan to change the culture of the PSD. Eventually, through his transformational leadership, the culture of the workplace changed to one closer to “Team Management”. By maintaining focus on production, but striving for improved development of personnel, the organization was forged into a place that employees looked forward to working at instead of a job that employees hated. By the constant reminder of the overarching goal: “To be recognized as the foremost experts in Pay, Personnel, and Transportation processing by all inspecting and auditing agencies”, the group’s focus was changed to one of individual drive to meet a common goal.

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