Relationship Between Law And Literature Essay

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When considering the relationship between law and literature, one might come to the conclusion that the intersection between the disciplines is one of interrogation. Literature enables man to ask questions of the letter of the law without endangering himself. If this scenario were to happen, how would this be handled legally? Is the legal decision just and/or moral? It enables man to venture into the psyche of the legally accused and say, “Is this man guilty? Does guilt imply evil? What if I were found guilty;; does that make me evil?” Literature asks the questions which citizens may not be able to ask and provides answers which the law may not be able to give. The leading question: can the law be the final determinant of guilt? The answer is but another question: what choice do you have? With no watcher to govern the watchmen, questions are perhaps the solace of the citizen, and literature the protective cloak in the night.
Since time immemorial, men and women have looked at the governing authority and questioned, even as they followed. The first part of Dante Alighieri’s 14th Century epic poem The Divine Comedy: The Inferno chronicles the journey of Dante through the nine circles of Hell, as guided by the Roman poet Virgil. The characters that Dante encounters are all condemned for eternity for the various sins they committed during their mortal life;; however, Dante the Poet gives agency to these characters to tell their story to Dante the Character. He allows the…

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