Essay about Relationship Between Humans And The Environment

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Relationship between humans and the environment.
If we talk about the relationship between humans and the environment, we must emphasize that the environment constantly changing and it has given different climatic changes which humans has survived thanks to their ability of adaptation and talent to exploit the environment. Realizing that the environment forms part of the habitat that humans live and taking advantage of it to meet the humans needs are the main relationship between humans and the environment. The human race has evolved due to many factors, among these is the use of resources that has provided the environment. In order to achieve higher living standards, humans has been forced to transform nature; resulting a variety of activities that achieve a comfortable life. However it goes against nature since this involves exploiting resources beyond its limits.
The natural world is organized into interrelated units that we call ecosystems. Since the apparition humanity on Earth, human societies perform a series of activities that allow men to produce food, house and clothes. This means that humanity collect ecosystem resources and consequently produces changes or impacts on the natural environment.
The use of prehistoric tools and weapons began at time when a human took a rock and used it to open a walnut or when it was throw it to an animal or to another human. Humans have been able to adapt to the environment throughout their own experiences. The oldest human…

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