Relationship Between Gender And The Body Essay

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Society perceives gender as two specific categories, male and female. Yet, each gender has a prominent body part that distinguishes the two. However, ‘Of Gens and Gender’ by Anne Fausto-Sterling and ‘The Courtship of Mr. Lyon’ by Angela Carter illustrate the relationship between gender and the body. Sterling focuses on the innate genes to determine the gender of a person; while, ‘The Courtship of Mr. Lyon’ develops the representation of the body to determine the action of the characters in the story. ‘The Courtship of Mr. Lyon’ illustrates Sterling’s theory to adapt the biological genes in order help establish the character’s difference in gender. Therefore, the relationship between gender and the representation of body shapes a person’s actions environmentally and influence the physical traits. In ‘Of Genes and Gender’ Sterling focuses on the DNA; the biological code that make up a person. The DNA strands are the traits that create an individual; however, certain traits are more prominent that others. This explains how gender relates to the body because certain traits are shown through the appearance of a person, such as facial features. Yet, also provide the private body parts to distinguish the male and female. These traits establish how the environment influence how a person will act because the environment influences the gender through the social norms assumed when associating with a certain body type. For that reason, the theory is established in ‘The Courtship of…

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