Relationship Between Function And Form In Architecture

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N Xiehao Li
Architectural Studies 3600
Dr. Schwarz

Function and Form
Writing Assignment # 3

In history, for a long time, human having a long time to figure out ourselves in what position of the nature. Religion provides a long history of figuration to those folks. Finally, with the developing of technology, people eager to find out more reasonable solution to our position, our sense of this universe. Renaissance, revolution, technology and philosophy all happens through the history in all kind of area. In Architecture, this revolution starts in late 18th through many philosopher, and bring a lot solution to the question: what the relationship to the function and form in Architecture. Function follows the form or the form follows the Function,
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In ancient time, architects consider to be the connector to the god, to design and build the temple, the after world such as pyramid. Now architects no long as important as ancient does in people’s mind, but architects still have its mission to finish that is guide a good humanity order to society, plan the future to human. This is a great mission for architects to achieve. Architects will more focus on localize the products in both function and form, and being the manager to balance the function and form to society. Enlarge the view of future, designer will be able to design the whole society, taking the whole world to unify the form, bring the bright, …show more content…
Alberti Lagier thought “the need for shelter from rain, sun, and wind; from predators; from extreme heat and cold-is the origin of architecture. The relationship conceptualized by human. Marc-Antonine Laugier states that nature offered architectural principles and inspiration. He said, its principle are founded on simple nature that present it in simple rules. And he notes that only three elements necessary in architecture: columns, ceiling, and pediment. He particular focus on the column and how its form. And according his writing, five point to address the columns rule: 1. strictly vertical, standing, round, 4.taprated, 5. Rest directly to floor. However, Vittorio Gregotti refuse to imitating nature. He want to make a difference between nature and architecture. In his mind, nature is geographical collection of visual and material features, and architecture need to draw attention to these features by modification, transformation and contrast. He utilize strict linear organization to measuring the landscape. Well, Caro Burns have different idea on both of them. He compared two altitudes regarding the relationship “clean site” and “constructed site”. He Connect the earth as natural form to building as constructed form. And finally he get the conclusion: natural or constructed is political and ideological and is an open ended or unfinished product of culture. And nature is a concept defined by

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