Relationship Between Friendship And Friendship Essay

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As we grow older, we tend to change preferences and create new goals for ourselves. Sometimes when we discover something new in our lives, we tend to let go of something less important. The same thing applies to friendships as well, we can either maintain or let go of friends who no longer seem like a priority sometimes. Especially when getting into a major relationship when your partner becomes your whole life, leaving little to no time to manage old friendships. Also younger children who used to look only to their parents for friendship and support tend to change their preference friends instead of family as they are growing older. Friendship is a constantly evolving thing that shifts along with our lives, its meanings and importance all alter along with a person as they grow older.
The very nature of friendship evolution can be seen as the progression of our lives and what we hold important at the time. Starting from the very begging as children who look only to their family for emotional support, not knowing anywhere else to go for it, they automatically tend to identify their family with friendship. As time progresses farther when kids reach the age of adolescence they tent to go through a sort of rebellious stage, where they think the rules established by their family are unfair so they tend to create an emotional gap. So to fill in the gap, most adolescents confine their feelings with their friends who they meet at school or around the neighborhood. With time their…

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