Relationship Between Friends And Family Essays

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Relationships come in many forms. Some are romantic, as with boyfriends and girlfriends or spouses. Other relationships can be between friends and family. No matter what kind of relationship it is, it can make an impact on one’s life and can be viewed as “interpersonal exchanges that are inseparable from the larger social context” (Koh, Scallon, and Wirtz). Relationships are just that- bonds that we don’t want to be broken; people we never want to leave our lives. Having a relationship of any sort gives a sense of belonging with that person or group of people. In our society there are different classifications of friends. There’s the acquaintance we talk to occasionally when we see them, the friends we hang out with often, and then there’s the best friend we always spend time and become mildly intimate with and tell everything to. The groups of friends I observed lean more towards friends and best friends. The first group of girls were completely comfortable with each other and just spoke their minds. They seemed to know that the other person would understand their point of view. The second group of girls was like the first. Although they didn’t talk much, they sat together and gave the impression that they were relaxed with the other person there. Each other’s presence didn’t make themselves upset. The next group was made of two girls and a guy. They had a serious discussion about the women’s place in the household based on what was written in the Bible. They were able to…

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