Essay on Relationship Between Father And Daughter

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The most important relationships you can have are with your family. Whether that be adopted family, paternal family, or the loved ones that are considered family to those without one. The relationship most intriguing to me is between father and daughter in particular. When thinking about this subject my ultimate question would be, does a father’s involvement in a daughter’s life affect their relationships with others? Is a female socially more guarded due to not being raised by both parents, or are these emotions embedded in her personality? This subject interests me most because my close social interactions have been with those who have a father they live with, but are absent in their lives or have not had a close relationship with their father while growing up. If I were to conduct a social research project regarding this issue I would use the qualitative method. This method would allow me to analyze the behaviors and responses of the participants through interviews. The type of interview that I would use is in-depth interviews because I would allow the participants to dig deep into their emotions and tell me their story. I would interview ten women whose fathers are present in their lives and ten women whose fathers are not. Because I would be doing in- depth interviews this number would be an accurate amount. This kind of interview takes longer than a normal questionnaire interview and I would want to know the underlying reasons behind how their relationships…

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