Essay about Relationship Between Family And The Family

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A genogram provides a nurse and the family with a visual diagram of a family’s current energy expanded in situations. This helps the nurse to devise a therapeutic care plan to improve relationships and develop more of a positive energy flow to improve health (Kaakinen, Coehlo, Steele, Tabacco, & Hanson, 2015). The purpose of this paper is to create a genogram for a family and to determine the relationship strengths and energy flow between the family’s environmental resources. Family nursing interventions and resources will also be suggested for each negative energy to provide a more positive flow.
The Myers family genogram showed this family consisted of a husband, wife, and three children. Both mother and father have full time jobs, with average income, and live paycheck to paycheck every week. Recently, their four-year-old son was in a bicycle accident and suffered from a fractured skull and multiple contusions, abrasions, and received 48 stitches in his leg. This has caused stress to the family and the mother has had to take a significant amount of time off work to take care of her son after being released from the hospital. This negative flow has caused a strain on the employer to cover her position and also provides a stressor to the mother wondering if her employer will save her job for her while she is off. Work-family conflict can happen when the parents work interferes with the parent’s responsibility at home, which negatively impacts the individual and creates…

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