Essay about Relationship Between Family And Family Members

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The family is a unique unity that shapes and influences the life of every individual united under the name. Different family members may experience certain situations or aspects of the family differently because of the uniqueness of that particular individual. Stories such as “Raisin in the Sun”, “Barn Burning”, and “Everyday Use” develops the difference between certain characters’ attitudes toward the family along with the development of the personality shaped and influenced by the family. The relationship amongst the family members is key in each person’s life. Although a healthy relationship is often the ultimate goal, a family can face obstacles that causes conflict. This is one relationship that most families have as they struggle with differences, such as, passions, ambitions, morals, beliefs, and so on. Sadly, these differences can make or break a family and in most cases the relationship becomes and remains broken. All three families from the stories listed above experiences conflicts in their relationships. In the “Raisin in the Sun” the different ambitions between the family members are what brings about the conflict in their relationship. Burn Barning’s conflict is a difference in moral views between the father and the son. The difference views upon their heritage and the oldest sister’s superiority divides the family in “Everyday Use”. Conflicts in a family’s relationship is common, but it can cause division amongst the family. Moreover, a division in a family…

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