Essay on Relationship Between Education And Democracy

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1. What is the relationship between education and democracy?
The understanding of how democracy and education intertwine first starts with learning what democracy actually means. Democracy as stated by Dewey is how we work within our community, how people come together and make decisions that affect the community as a whole. This requires education. Educated individuals are whom you should want to make the decisions needed to keep the community on the right path, but how do you gain information? We have the opportunity to learn and experience things everyday, the more we learn and experience the more educated we become. Thus the more education you have the more democratic you have lived, you have experienced and adjusted to your community, you have went out and educated yourself and possibly others, you have received and possibly been influential. This all is living in a democracy according to Dewey. So to close democracy is related to education by the way we gain and use knowledge within our community. To be involved in the community and living within a democracy ultimately educates you and require education to do so. (Sociocultural Studies in education-Richard A. Quantz chapter one, page 8)

2. Epistemology is what? Ontology is what?
Epistemology asks the questions what you believe counts as as knowledge? Also how one goes about obtaining that knowledge. Is what you believe truly correct or is it an opinion? And how did you go about obtaining that knowledge is your…

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