Essay about Relationship Between Education And A Free Society

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What is the relationship between education and a free society? How should education in a free society be like? Let me first begin by clarifying what a free society is. A free society is a term utilized to a society in which they have the freedom to practice their will, creativity and pursue their own goals, as long as they do not interfere with the equal rights of others to do likewise. In a free society an individual has, of course, unrestricted opportunities to live in whatever manner they desire. Here is where another term titled as Education comes in. Education plays a complementary role in a free society for overall individual, social and national improvement because it is the foundation for the development of a country. In fact, a research revealed that education not only enabled individuals to perform better in life, but it also enhances their general well being, advance dynamic citizenship and comprise violence. As Seneca- a Romanian philosopher - said in his letter to Lucilius " Liberal studies is worthy of a free-born gentleman.” Seneca expressed that a free individual needs guidance in life and that is accomplished by educating. More progressed and systematic disciplines require the assistance of educators. Not to mention, these characteristics of the individuals ought to be produced for the improvement of the nation. In a free society, families would choose which are the best educational programs for each of their children. Accordingly, in a free society the…

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