Relationship Between Economy And Ecology By Jane Jacob

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Relationship between Economy and Ecology
Economy and Ecology are sometimes presented to have conflicting interests with each other. Even though in the text, Damn Another Ecologist by Jane Jacob, it states that the economy means house management as ecology means house knowledge. Knowing ecology is important to operate the economy smoothly since the study of nature helps us maintain and balance our living arrangement for now and the future. Economy is mainly focused on finance and making a profit and Ecology mainly focuses on the environment and how to protect it from further damage. An ecologist studies the environment and compares previous research to current research. They have to analyze the data to see how our impacts affect other living
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As stated, “Biomimicry is a form of economic development. So caring about Biomimicry requires caring about economic development-hoping it continues vigorously…thinking about development has made me realize how similar ecology and ecosystems are…principle at work in the two are identical…(Jacobs 8). Making sure nature is well means booming business profits without scarcity of an item. “Working along with natural principles of development, expansion, sustainability, and correction, people can create economies that are more reliably prosperous than those who have now and that are also harmonious with the rest of nature” (Jacobs 12). People can live longer, generations will get to use the resource and business will not deflate. Ecology and economy have to balance it out for society to work. In Industry Awakens to Threat of Climate Change by Coral Davenport, effects of climate change on company forces them to go greener. Challenging focus on only economic will lead to many problems in the future which will affect production in the long term. Like climate change which led to serious water shortage in 2004. “When we look at our most essential ingredients, we see those events as a threat”( Davenport 1). Seeing essential items scarce means it’s limited and that will affect the making of a certain product and will drive business down. Coke …show more content…
“Trying to evade overriding principles of development is economically futile. But those principles are solid foundations for economy” (Jacobs 8). With all the regulations and emission needed and the cost, they might as well go bankrupt. They see it as an either or system where you choose economy or ecology where you can’t have

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