Relationship Between Economy And Biomimicry

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For decades economy and ecology have been used to represent opposing interest which led many to believe they are different however they go hand in hand together and could not be separated. Economy is the management of the resources and production in a certain area while ecology deals with the interaction between organisms and its surrounding. Ecology and economy have a mutually exclusive relationship in which they both depend on each other however both can’t occur at the same time in order for the world to thrive.
Economy is when a producer produces things for the consumers. It is a system of reciprocation. It’s meeting the demands of the consumer in return for doing business and buying more products. When a product is in high demand, it costs
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Bio means life and mimic means to imitate. It focuses on sustainability and efficiency. It is important that garbage and waste are disposed properly going back to nature. An example of Biomimicry used in the text is “… the filaments spiders make or the shell material abalones construct” (Jacobs 6-7). These materials are life friendly materials and provided at a lower cost. Biomimicry is like a puzzle; it is difficult, complicating and hard to learn the way prairies manage to replenish themselves years after years. Therefore Armbruster said “but it sounds like another way for us to exploit nature- trying to get out of technological messes with more technological messes”( Jacobs 7). If Biomimicry is so hard to accomplish, it did not seem practical. It’s the use of natural resources for economic growth when you don’t know if it might work (test …show more content…
By imitating the chemistry of nature, these product and methods will allow the product should last longer and won’t affect the environment as much. It is learning and observing from nature, and fixing the problems created and being one with nature. As stated, “Biomimicry is a form of economic development. So caring about Biomimicry requires caring about economic development-hoping it continues vigorously…thinking about development has made me realize how similar ecology and ecosystems are…principle at work in the two are identical…(Jacobs 8). Focusing on Biomimicry will create balance between ecology and economy. Working side by side, we need to establish regulations together so that the economy can continue running better than it is. Consideration is important because if one collapses so will the other eventually. It’s important for both ecology and economy keep close relations to the “house” because that way they both benefit and are

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