Relationship Between Communication And Health Outcomes Essay

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a. In my opinion, the Social Distance, and Family and Social Environment are most important to influence the relationship between communication and health outcomes for this woman.
The Social Distance, as an intrinsic moderator, refers to the number and importance of dissimilar between physician and patients. In this case, the patient is an Egyptian woman and the physician is White American male. The differences between them are gender and ethnicity, which led the patient feeling embarrassed about the physical examination by taking off clothes. Moreover, this female patient might misunderstand the purpose of this examination.
The Family and Social Environment, as an extrinsic moderator, plays significant role in this issue. According to this scenario, the husband is domineering and the patient is compliant. Even though she is capable to discuss her medical history in English, the patient stays silent at the presence of her husband, which hinders the interactions and communications between the patient and the clinician. It indicates that the family and social environment influences the patient most.

b. The relevant factors includes four intrinsic moderators (health literacy, social distance, clinician attitudes towards patients, and patient preferences for clinician and patient role in care) and three extrinsic moderators (family and social environment, the media environment, and the health care system). i. Health information communication
Health literacy is a person’s…

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