Relationship Between Colleges And Students Essay

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The relationship between colleges and students is very consumer focused. The school’s faculties, other than teachers alone, are difficult to deal with as well as rude. Teachers are defensive and thus can be difficult and inconsiderate, and students are left to feel as though they are spending a lot of money for nothing. The college experience is being ruined and students as well as their teachers are being overworked and undervalued.

Schools faculties are focused on money. Administrators especially focus on the shifting of education into pure business. “The attempt to shift the world of higher education into the business paradigm seems rational to administrators (Perry 2)” is featured by Perry in context to show that the administrative side of schools focus on how to support the school. They are solely focused on the money aspect. In previous school experience that I have had in dealing with those that are in administrative seats at colleges can lead to being treated as though students are nothing more than dollar signs and numbers to them. When calling to try to sort out my classes with a previous school I was told by multiple different outlets through the school that they did not care and had no desire to help me. Many faculty members in the school have been desensitized to the actual needs and emotions of the students and must focus on the money that a student has paid to them.
Teachers are also becoming more and more difficult to interact with. When dealing with…

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