Essay about Relationship Between Cognition And Emotional

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The above long and short-term goals were established based on the Cognitive-Emotional
Theory of language development. The relationship between cognition and emotional development can be traced back to Erik Erikson, Anna Freud, and Selma Fraiberg. Current proponents for this theory include child psychiatrist Stanley Greenspan and his colleague Serena
Wieder (Nelson, 2010). This theory acknowledges that nature and nurture cannot be individually accepted as the sole influence for language acquisition, but rather their combined interaction.
This theory also posits that the emotional health and attachment to caregivers are imperative for language development. In addition to good emotional health, properly functioning biological systems are necessary for healthy language development (Nelson, 2010).
This theory best captures George’s receptive and expressive language weakness for two reasons. First, this theory requires healthy emotional bonds formed with his caregivers; from that emotional security, shared attention develops. This shared attention helps build a solid foundation to allow for purposeful emotional interaction, which in turn creates symbol development, and finally early language development. As per the case history obtained from
George’s maternal grandmother, his mother is deceased (date not specified) and his father spends long periods of time overseas and is mostly absent from his son’s life. Despite even the best attempts at creating an emotionally healthy bond by…

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