Relationship Between Cocking And Matthew Essay

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Before the large advancements in technology, you would walk down the street in the summer and they would be filled with children playing games in them. Now you only see cars, or people walking to work, but you do notice that there are less people in the streets. The Internet has allowed people to continue socializing with their friends from the comfort of their homes. Cocking and Matthew argue that is impossible for a new close friendship to be created over the Internet while Briggle disagrees. I concur with Briggle, that it is possible for close friendships to be made over the Internet and this essay should provide evidence for this to be accepted. Cocking and Matthew (2000), describe friendship as “a personal relationship characterized by mutual affection, a disposition to assist in the welfare of others, and a desire to engage with the other in shared activities.” These are the conditions that both papers used to determine their results. Firstly, I will talk about Cocking and Matthews as well as Briggle’s reasoning as to why they believe that a close friendship can or cannot be created over the Internet. Secondly, after looking over each paper I will decide, if any who is more right with their belief on whether a strong friendship can be created via the Internet.

Cocking and Matthews paper Unreal Friends (2000) is about their beliefs on why a new close friendship is unable to be created over the Internet. Using the conditions mentioned above for determining friendship,…

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