Relationship Between Children And Parents Essay

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The family is an essential part of every person’s life and of society. The family is a little world with its own values and priorities. Close families share dreams, ideas, hopes, and even possessions. A good relationship between kids and parents is the highest priority, support and dedication are common things. It’s a positive side of being a family. However, as usual, every good thing can have its drawbacks. Same with families: relationships between kids and parents can be completely opposite.
Different people – different relationships, parents play an essential role in the kids ' characters forming, habits and future. Love and humiliation, sacrifice and pride, help and meanness - are the basic components of the kids/parents relationship.
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In other words, parents push their kids for actions, which can change their (kid) life. Nature of these relationships is unbelief and rejection of the child. Constant bullying and humiliation children are common practice among such parents. I described a family from Kenya Myth “ Murile and Moonchief”. Criticism of every boy’s step, unsatisfaction and nagging pushed Murile to change his life and try to prove that he is not the useless person; he is worth love and care. Usually, if such scenario is in the family, children grow very insecure and weak people, because everything goes from the childhood – world perception, self-perception, and confidence, etc. Nevertheless, Murile was not an “average” person, his mother made and gave him a motivation to move on, never stop, never give up and achieve his own goals. This strength helped him to invent the stool that can move to the moon. Owe his invention he was able to go to the moon and try to get power. Murile married a girl, the daughter of the richest man on the moon. Murile becomes a powerful and rich person; all the doors were opened for him. Anyway, it was not his main goal, he wanted to show that his achievements are rewarded; he wanted his mum to be proud of him. The bull, wife’s father present, helped him to reach home with his wife and show the results of his work. Mother watched all his success was very joyful and happy. Unfortunately, her …show more content…
The second story is about a family with different nature of relationship – pride and vanity. It cannot be said that all actions were taken under the relationships influence were bad or wrong. Murile, the main hero of the “Murile and Moonchief” Myth, just wanted to prove that he does not deserve mother’s criticism and judgment, he does a very purposeful and smart man, who can achieve a lot in his life. This goal led him to an impressive result, but at the end pride of his mother won. Anything has to be done just because of negative opinion of the parents because vanity is not the perfect companion in the

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