Relationship Between Childhood Adversity And Depression Among University Students

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Background: University students are being diagnosed with more severe psychological problems as compared to the previous generations. These conditions include depression which can be have detrimental implications various aspects of students’ lives including their academic performances. It is essential to appreciate the role of predictor factors such as early life stressors and their impact on academic excellence. The predictor factors and their role in relation to students’ mental health and well being is a subject that remains largely unexplored among students in United Kingdom universities. This includes Durham University’s student population.
Aim: To explore the relationship between childhood adversity and depression among university students and possible outcomes such as dissociation and poor academic performances. In addition to that, this study examines the role of protective factors such as social support and resilience on these relationships.
Background Information
Research on the mental health and wellbeing of university students shows evidence of depression, anxiety disorders, and suicidal tendencies, as well as other mental health problems. A study of 19,500 American college students found that about 50% of the students reported mental health problems that had constrained their academic performance with the most common problem being anxiety, stress, and depression (Hamwi, 2005). Findings from the study indicated that students were being diagnosed with more severe…

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