Relationship Between Britain And Its Colonies Essay

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The relationship between Britain and its colonies in North America was not one of mutual respect. During the period that followed the French and Indian War, the colonies’ struggle to gain both power and respect from Britain grew, as the colonists pushed for representation in Parliament and as the debt from the war led Britain’s Parliament to raise taxes within the colonies and enact laws that regulated trade. As the various laws regulating trade and taxing the colonies were enacted, the colonists grew more and more resentful of the role Britain was playing in their government. The war against Spain and France cost Britain a lot of money, which led to taxation. Because parliament felt that the colonies had benefitted from the outcome of the war, they felt that it was fair to tax the colonists. The colonists disagreed. This resentment led to various forms of popular protest, and a significant difference in understanding regarding the Britain’s relationship with the colonies and parliaments role in colonial government. The French and Indian War affected relations between Britain and its North American colonists.

“Pontiac’s War gave British officials added incentive to assert imperial control over the vast territories acquired from France,” leading to the Proclamation of 1763, which was meant to compromise with the Indians by prohibiting settlement by colonists west of the Appalachian Mountains (Goldfield, ed., The American Journey: A History of the United States, 121). This…

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