Describe The Relationship Between Athletes And Beauty

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Relationship Between Athletes and Beauty

Beauty can be described as “ The quality present in a thing or a person that gives intense pleasure or deep satisfaction to the mind…” (Beauty). This intense pleasure or satisfaction is a result of certain features a person may hold. Some features such as facial symmetry, eyes, and cheek structure may always be appealing to others, while lineaments that have to do with clothing, cosmetics, and hair may come and go with the times. Quite possibly the most notable characteristic that can make a human being appealing is to be an athlete. Athletes everywhere are posted on billboards and portrayed as gods among men. Some athletes land million dollar endorsement deals every year just based on their looks
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A team at the University of Bristol conducted an experiment to see if there was even a relationship at all. “The better an American football player, the more attractive he is, concludes a team led by Justin Park ... Park’s team had women rate the attractiveness of National Football League (NFL) quarterbacks: all were elite players, but the best were rated as more desirable”(Callaway). Being a better quarterback doesn’t make you a more attractive person, but the idea that a potential mate is very good at something means they have a special genetic quality that could be used to make a child. After all, humans really just want the most suitable mate possible to create the best offspring they can. Park and his team then lead a similar experiment with top tennis players and although there were a few outliers for the most part the best tennis players ranked as the most attractive (Callaway). In yet another experiment conducted some time before both of these the scientists found that hockey goalies and forwards were more attractive than their other teammates. The same applies for soccer where goalies and strikers, also known as forwards, are more attractive than most of their peers. These findings were contributed to the fact that these two positions for both sports require the most raw athleticism yet again proving that there could be a correlation between beauty and athleticism. The athlete 's beauty could also be compared to their intelligence. In the case of the quarterback, a qb is often the smartest player on the field at all times. This relationship could also be what is making them so attractive (Callaway). Even in movies and TV shows when a jock appears on screen it is usually a tall, handsome boy with a gorgeous girl on his arm. Beauty and athleticism relationship doesn’t start later in life, it can be seen as early as high school. The captain of the football team always has a certain

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