Relationship Between Animals And Humans

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Ranking animals versus humans is difficult to do based on social standards. From the view of society, animals rank lower than people. This is mainly because the level of assumed intelligence and impossible communication between both species. Is this still true from a scientific of religious standpoint? Organizations like PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) strive for the protection of animals and the creation of stronger animal rights. The morals behind animal testing are also an important aspect of animal rights. So the questions remain, how strong is the connection between animals and humans, what roles in society do animals have, and to what extent of rights do animals have?
From a scientific and psychological standpoint
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Contractarianism is moral theory that plays with the idea that only individuals that can understand and take part in a social contract can have moral rights. Therefore animals cannot necessarily have moral rights because there is no way of communication between animals and people. In this situation animals can be compared to children. Children often can’t make their own decisions, and have the protection of their parents. Pets can be compared to children because pets become part of the family and are protected. Pets are treated better than other animals because people grown an emotional attachment to them. Most animals do not have protectors and this raises the question of who is to protect animals and how much protection should be …show more content…
Animals can still feel pain, even though they can’t convey these feelings through language. The pros and cons behind animal testing challenges the question of whether or not animals should be used for scientific or commercial testing. People believe that animals should have more rights in regard to animal testing because they can still feel pain. The main animals that are used for testing are mice, rats, rabbis, primates, cats and dogs. The mistreatment originates from the animals being locked in small cages, and then tested on which includes poisoning and other forms of abuse. PETA tries to expose companies and their forms of animal

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