Relationship Between Angel And Angel Essay

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Character Introduction As long as I’ve known Angel, she’s been the most outwardly happy and expressive person I know. She is very outgoing and does not shy away from approaching others and initiating conversation. If observed from a distance, it would seem that she is trying to gain everyone’s’ affection as if they were her lover, while at the same time not having any close friends. Notable things about her life at age 29 is that she has broken off an engagement, has changed her major three times and is currently a university undergrad. While studying, she does not work and lives with her parents at home. Angel does not seem to identify with any particular personality type per say, but rather takes on the role of what would seem the most praised behavior in the family and cultural setting that she lives in. According to most people in her particular culture, a true lady is one that is loved by everyone and does not outwardly show any sign of dissatisfaction. Angel’s relationship with her mother is quite noteworthy; it is as if her mother were a part of her character. Angel does not do anything unless approved by her mother, even when it comes to picking out an outfit to wear or whether she should go to a dinner with someone or not. Her mother is not particularly controlling but she encourages behavior that is approved by the elderly in the traditional family that they live in. When interacting with people, the main conversations that she…

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