Relationship Between Achilless In The Liad

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The liad is a classical reference for a reason, being that the themes which it touch on so long ago are still discussed today. That characters have their own self-interest in mind much people still have today. Achilles, a skilled fighter and known for it along with accomplishments, had his own reason for his action throughout. And when it would come down to the embassies between Agamemnon’s and Priam, we see both selfness and moments of kindness. It would be decision that would present the biggest gain in the direction Achilles was looking for, which Priam was successful in that fact. The reason being that Priam embassy offered effort in helping Achilles reach his goal of honor and undying fame.
The relationship or lack thereof between Achilles
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When it came to Hector’s body, Priam, begging for his son’s body to have a safe return and proper burial, we see two sides of Achilles seemly within a matter of moments. The first being, “Ah, the suffering you’ve had, and the courage. To come here alone to the Greek ships And meet my eye…You have a heart of iron…” (liad Bk. 24 pg. 101) shows a bit of a softer side to Achilles. One that are few and far between in the liad, which has the Trojan war play out in the background of it all, that a bit of humanity can still be found, even in the mist of bloodshed. Following that we get set back into reality of it all with Achilles and his true color one could say with him saying, “Don’t provoke me, old man. It’s my own decision To release Hector to you. A messenger came to me From Zeus-…”(liad Bk 24 pg. 102), which a bit what were use too from him. The argument here would be it was not necessary all about being kinder but it was more of interfences by the gods. With knowing that, Achilles in this sense was looking out for himself, by insure that he would get that “ever-undying fame”, Achilles would have to please the gods, by returning the body of

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