Essay on Relations Between The United States And Iran

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Current relations between the United States of America and the Islamic Republic of Iran seems to have gained a positive outlook recently with the nuclear negotiations. However, as we are able to research and observe, the United States and Iran have had a roller-coaster relationship during their relatively short association. When the United States and Iran interact, conflict and strife often will follow. In the grand scheme of history, the relationship between the United States has been but a short while; nevertheless, it is highly complicated. Therefore, the term “current” is a matter of relativity and as such, this paper will briefly discuss the 166 year old relationship between these two countries.
Iran, or Persian as a civilization has claim to one of the oldest civilizations, having been in existence for several thousand years. In comparison, the US is still an extremely young civilization and country. When the US started its first diplomatic outreach to Iran in 1850, it had not even celebrated its 75th year in existence as a country.
A New Relationship
During this time of first contact between Iran and the US, Iran was entrenched in a political land struggle between the British and Russian empires that is now known as “the Great Game”. The Great Game, briefly described, is a political land conflict in which Great Britain did not want Russia to be able to claim India as its own and Russia did not want Great Britain to have all of the inland trade routes through Central…

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