Relations Between Russia And The United States Essay example

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Since the founding of our nation on July 04, 1776, we have interacted with different countries to carry out our nations’ daily functions. At the same time, relations with Russia can be described as a labyrinthine imbroglio. In other words, the social and economic connections between the two countries have resulted in a complicated as well as confusing situation. Valentina Matviyenko embodies the United States and Russia relationship perfectly by stating, “[o]f course the United States and Russia have different interests. Nevertheless, both are strategic partners” (Brainy Quote). During the duration of this paper, interactions between Russia and the United States will be divided into three major time periods: pre-World War II, Cold War, and present time.
Prior to World War II, relations between Russia and the United States gradually began to increase. Referring to Valentina Matviyenko, the two countries became partners due to their own national interest. The two countries interaction can be traced back to when the United States (U.S.) sent their first representative, Francis Dana, to St. Petersburg in 1780 to receive recognition from Russia. Russia failed to formally recognize the new government of the United States because “[d]iplomatic ties to Britain prevented the Russian Government from accepting Dana 's credentials” (United States Relations). In 1790, Russia became interested in the United States for its fur trapping and trading; nine years later, Tsar Paul developed…

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