Essay on Relational Ethics : A Theoretical Framework

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Relational ethics is a theoretical framework that allows nursing professionals to understand the patients’ own story and journey (Abma, 2005, p. 338). Relational ethics derives from relational narrative, a process where “the words the nurse and patient compose together, the words of their engagement yields ethical knowledge that is co-authored, contingent and contextual” (Abma, 2005, p. 339). The application of attentive listening and responsiveness allows the combination of both the registered nurse’s and the patient’s knowledge in coming to an understanding within the communication process. Consequently, health care decisions that benefit the patient mutually correspond with the nurse’s knowledge and belief about what is advantageous for the patient’s well-being. Both the nurse’s and patient’s beliefs consolidate to adequately address health complications, prevent other illnesses in regards to the patient’s independence and privilege to making informed decisions. It is important for nurses to utilize relational ethics in practice to provide compassionate, person-centered care for each individual patient experiencing a health changing event in their journey.
Progress Notes Summary
Parallel charting between documentation in progress notes and relational narratives will allow nurses to be capable of analyzing parallel charting through a relational ethic lens. In the last twenty-four hours, charting was completed by a student nurse, licensed practical nurse, registered nurse,…

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