Relational Database And Relational Databases Essay

800 Words Oct 20th, 2014 4 Pages
Before some of the advancements in technology, all records of information was saved and filed in cabinets for a specific amount of time before they were disposed of. Now most information will be kept within a database. A database is a group of records that comprise of people, places, or things. An example of a paper-based database is a telephone book. A telephone book has information of phone users in a specific location. Each user is listed by name, address and number. The listed information is the same for a business. A business organizes data in a relational database. The relational database consists of data the business needs to be operational. Relational databases split data into two-dimensional tables as entity and attributes. Every level of the business cycle will have their own basic table (customers, suppliers, inventory, employees and sales transactions.) This table lists everything the supplier has so when the customer wants to place an order they have everything they need to do so. Once the customer receives the product the process is recorded in sales transactions. All information needs to be accurate at all times in the database. If an item is listed as available but is out of stock some customers would find a more reliable supplier. In my experience as a logistician, we rely on suppliers on hand inventory to make sure our warehouse and assemblages are fully stocked. If they weren’t able to meet that fulfillment we would find someone else that…

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