Relational Connection And Self Congruence Essay

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Theme 2: Relational Connection and Self-Congruence
Questions around building therapeutic relationships were a large part of my week during the family counselling portion of the course. Even though relationship building is one of the first lessons in counselling courses, for me, it has been the topic of many reflections. I have realized that perhaps these questions and uncertainties were related to not having found my counsellor style. Or, perhaps they were due to my natural inclination to play the role of an expert or leader as I do in my personal life. Having a self-congruent style was one of my goal during these practice sessions as I tried to be true to my personal qualities within the counseling experience (Hackney & Cormier, 2013). Furthermore In trying to embrace a collaborative helping style of counselling, I realized that, as Madsen and Gillespie (2014) state, a helper should “shift from a relational stance of an “expert” repairing dysfunction to an “ally” assisting people to envision and move toward a more desired life […]” (p.12). I welcomed the challenge of engaging with the counselling themes that come with taking a relational stance of an “ally”, and critically reflected on my experience by examining Madsen and Gillespie’s (2014) How of helping.
According to Madsen and Gillespie (2014) respect in a collaborative helping setting is characterized by humility, trust and accountability. During my practice sessions, I was able to demonstrate humility and…

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