Relation Between Nature And Romantics In Romantic Literature

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Relation between nature and Romantic poets and the purposes behind: Romantic poetry is regarded as a reliable discourse to understand nature. One can find written version of nature in literature by reading Romantics. We can say that Romantic poetry is zone of nature. People of urban society read Romantics to reduce their stress and monotonous. Romantic nature poems play a vital role in connecting modern people to the nature world. At the same time readers connect nature to Romantics. In the depiction of nature Romantics gave importance on the representation of humankind. Nature is valued in terms of its usefulness to them. Human’s sufferings, pain, failure,………etc are portrayed through nature in Romantic verses. Romantic poet wrote poem about nature from anthropocentric view. According to Cheryll, “human are at centre, surrounded by everything that is not us, the environment”(). Poetry of Romantic period consist the trees, the lands, the birds, the moon, the sun, the ocean etc. All the movements and tones of nature are interpreted into human language and Romantics inevitably put their values into the representation. In this way they developed …show more content…
The reader of “The Rime of The Ancient Mariner” may think that punishment of the mariners is finished when he cherishes the beauty of water-snakes. But once the negative energy is created it is unfixable. Most of the visible traces of the mariner’s crime have vanished, but the punishment of Life-in-Death is still at work. Since he has committed a hideous act, the mariner will ever be the man that he once was. He has a special past and a special doom. At times the memory of what he has done is so insistent that he must speak of it to someone and by forcing others to listen to him, the mariner regains some of that worst and disastrous

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