Related Literature Abou Difficulties in Filipino Essay

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Related Literature

Teaching is one of those things that nearly everybody thinks he or she can do better than the experts. Everybody has taught something to somebody at one time or another, after all. We begin our amateur teaching careers aschildren by imposing our superior knowledge on our younger siblings or playmates. As students, we pass judgment among our peers on this or those teachers capabilities. As adults, those of us who do not teach professionally standever ready to criticize those who do (Evans, 1989). The teacher and his teaching approach play a great role in the learning of the student. It depends upon the kind of teaching for students to feel free and comfortable with the kind of strategy a teacher portrays within
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Cooperative Learning is a systematic pedagogical strategy that encourages small groups of students to worktogether for the achievement of a common goal. The termcollaborative learning is often used as a synonym forcooperative learning when,in fact, it is a separatestrategy that encompasses a broader range of groupinteractions such as developing learning communities,stimulating student/faculty discussions , and

Encouraging electronic exchanges (Bruffee, 1993).

Both approaches stress the importance of faculty and student involvement in the learning process. Demonstrations are done to provide an opportunity in learning new exploration and visual learning tasks from a different perspective. Demonstrations can be exercised in several ways. Here teacher will be also a participant. Hewill do the work with his/her student for their help (Lardizabal, et al., 1997).

Use the demonstration or “doing” method to teach skills. Demonstrate, step-by-step,the procedures in a job task, using the exact physical procedures if possible. While demonstrating, explain the reason for and the significance of each step. To be effective, plan the demonstration so that you will be sure to show the steps in the proper sequence and to include all steps. If you must give the demonstration before a large group or if the trainees might have trouble seeing because of the

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