Essay about Rehabilitation And The American Criminal Justice System

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Rehabilitation is imperative with regards to its dynamics that can serve best in improving the mental health in former offenders once they are released from jail or prison. There exists a need for more concerted attention on the rehabilitation of wrongdoer to not become part of the already elevated recidivism rate which is something my anticipated agency will do its best to thwart in its tracks. This could very well be deterred as a result its emergence by way of undertaking a treatment-oriented ideology and hiring an abundance of psychologists to be given a counseling role to take care of them. It is after all fundamental for a cyclic fluctuation between the use of punishment and rehabilitation to exist in the American criminal justice system; however, the lack of rehabilitation will perpetrate an inevitable and imminent escalation of repeating wrongdoers that did not learn their errors the first time in a correctional center. I will even continually attempt to bring to this cause to this attention to others with the united or joined efforts of my proposed organization’s numerous members with the intention of guaranteeing the continuation of its bearing on diminishing this ill-fated reality for these released wrongdoers. All things considered, my agency will progress by itself in addition to the discharge individuals to transform through bestowing advice or support by way of targeting their various kinds of quandaries that impeded them.

Generally speaking, my organization…

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