Regulating Children And Teen 's Music Choice Essay

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LeeShell McAllister
English III Honors
15 May 2016
Regulate Children and Teen’s Music Choice
Music is prevalent and can be heard in a plethora of places such as, grocery stores, on the radio, and even on commercials. There are thousands of different genres of music that all serve the same purpose. Music varies all over the world and it is undeniable that it is very influential. It has the power to bring people together, put people in a good mood, bring back memories and inspire. Although music can be a positive influence by triggering happiness and excitement, it promotes violence in young children and teens, and confuses them morally. Music can influence a child’s thoughts and actions. Young children tend to remember and mimic the things they see and hear without actually understanding what they are doing or saying. When negative influences such as violent and explicit song lyrics are introduced to a child, it can be embedded into their minds. Children may recite these lyrics or exhibit negative actions in public places, unaware of how inappropriate it is to do so. These lyrics can cause children to have thoughts of violence, as said by Diana Zuckerman, upon taking a study. Students were told to fill in the blanks of words after listening to violent music. For example they were asked to complete words like "h_t" and most of them made the word "hit" instead of different words like "hat". Zuckerman said the results revealed how music teaches a child to have…

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