Regulating Abortion Essay

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Laws Regulating Abortion I believe that abortion has played an important role in changing political, human rights and the overall social environment in American society. Due to the case of Roe v. Wade abortion in the United States is legal. Abortion would be illegal within the first two trimesters if Roe would have been upended by the United States Supreme court. Abortion is legal, but it can be restricted by different states to a certain degree. To a certain degree the legal reform has helped abortion by making abortion services accessible. Abortion reform is defining that women should be protected by abortion reform laws which many people feel that the fetus has been taken for granted. Also, protesters who challenged old abortion laws …show more content…
But no matter what kind of right is at issue, there are straightforward principles that are permanently of human rights standards and implementation. These ethics include universality that means that human rights must be inexpensive to everyone, without exception. The whole premise of the framework is that people are allowed to these rights simply by being human. Inconspicuousness, that also states that human rights are indivisible and interdependent, which means that in order to assurance civil and political rights, a government must also confirm economic, social and cultural rights vice versa. The indivisibility belief recognizes that if a government disrupts rights such as health, it necessarily affects people’s capability to exercise other rights such as the right to life. The right to life is very serious of whether or not who has the decision on life coming into the world. Do the women have the choice or the man? Or do the Doctors only have that right to make the choice for us …show more content…
This contains but is not limited to having contribution on government choices about rights. To ensure human rights, governments must participate and support the participation of civil society on these issues. Accountability, governments must create mechanisms of accountability for the enforcement of rights. It is not enough that rights are known in domestic law or in policy rhetoric, there must truly be effective measures put in place so that the government can be held responsible if those rights standards are not met. Transparency means that governments must be open about all information and decision- making processes related to rights. People must be able to know and comprehend how major decisions affecting rights are made and how public establishments, such as hospitals and schools, which are needed to protect rights, are managed and run. Non-discrimination, states that human rights must be guaranteed without discrimination, but also safety from policies and practices which may have a biased effect. Furthermore, it ties us to whether or not Rape victims have the right to have that choice of abortion? Feminists required abortion to be legal because they desired justice for women based on freedom and individual rights, not a doctor’s verdict of whether a woman should be granted an

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