Regla De Ocha And Oricha Analysis

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In Cuba, there exists such a paradigm, by which many of the religions there are analyzed by. It even extends to the limit of verifying whether or not a practice should be recognized by the government and general population solely because of certain precepts that exist within the religion’s infrastructure. Creating a great divide between those who follow religions which are respected by the community and those who follow religions eschewed by the same community. Such model holds true for the sects: Regla de Ocha and Regla de Palo.

In many Afro-Creole religions, before one can establish a connection between them and the divine realm, they must be initiated into the community of trust so they might carry out their duties or solve an first hand
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The iyawos often commemorate them by making elaborate shrines for these deities. Each oricha has a certain food, scent/incense, and color scheme which represents them. Therefore, the more time, effort, and money you put into these alters for the orichas, the greater relationship you are displaying you have. The more time you give to the orichas, the more blessings they give to you. It is a very reciprocal relationship, in contrast to those of Regla de Palo. Relationships with orichas can be heightened by how much time you put into communicating and commemorating with them, genuinely and wholeheartedly. Being obedient to their “demands” or “messages” one may receive through possession, instruments, or even dreaming pleases them and generally, that person has a closer bond to them as …show more content…
The more the muertos do for the paleros, the better they treat them. This is still a servant-master relationship and often times, one party’s powers get abused. Many think it is the human who is the master since they are in possession of the spirits remains. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. If mistreated enough, the muerto will lash out and stricken the palero with an unforeseen misfortune. This has been known to happen many times and is a strong reason why lots of Cuban people choose not to follow this religion with an ostensible presence. Then again “a system cannot fail those it was never built to

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