Registered Practical Reflection : Children 's Aid Society And The Meyer Family

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Registered Practical Reflection: Children’s Aid Society and the Meyer Family These past six weeks of placement have widened my eyes and perspective to many things, including the complexity of foster family’s. While in the midst of my placement at the London-Middlesex Children’s Aid Society (CAS), I was able to choose a family in which my partner and I would attend their home at four various point in time in order to conduct a family assessment and work through any health-related issues they may be facing. The family who my partner and I chose to work with will be reviewed in the reflection as I will examine the experiences of my first interaction with the Meyer family and their newest foster Sophie at CAS. For confidentiality reasons, the family’s true last name and the foster child’s name have been changed for this paper.
During my third week of placement, my partner and I decided it was time to begin looking a various families that could be a possible candidate for a few home visits. Our community advisor helped us with this process and found a family she believed would be willing to help us gain community-based experience. One week later, this family had an appointment at the CAS’s medical clinic and therefore, my partner and I were able to meet them for the first time. On this day, the Meyer family’s newest foster, Sophie, was visiting with her biological mother. As they also had an appointment at the medical clinic at a later time, we waited with the…

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