Registered Nurses Should Be A Job Choice Essay

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Registered nurses will always be needed in the workforce. There are many different jobs a degree in registered nursing can lead to, their rank depending on their educational background. Demand is high because RN’s are needed around the clock in order fill the rotating work shifts. It was found in a study conducted in 2014 by the Career Information Center that, “Employment of registered nurses is expected to grow 26 percent from 2010 to 2020, faster than the average for all occupations”(1). As one of the most rapid expanding occupations, registered nursing is a satisfying job choice now, and for years to come. Within this 10 year span, technology will advance, allowing a more wide spread range of health problems to be cared for (Registered 4). Now after that ten years, as the baby boomer population grows older, and requires more medical assistance, it can be predicted that the need for RN’s will increase by even more (5). The need for male and female nurses can be found in any field of nursing. For example, RN’s are demanded in facilities such as nursing homes, and other residential care units to care for the constant flow older patients (5). Older people will always demand care, therefore jobs in these facilities will always be available. In most cases, hospitals offer bonuses and suitable work schedules in order to attract nurses and keep them under their corporation (5). The demand for healthcare professionals of this kind will never deplete as long as their are people…

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